About Me

Suneet Singal is an established entrepreneur and senior finance architect from California and has an extensive career in New York. His expertise is utilized in various sectors, including consumer retail, fintech, low carbon footprint real estate, disruptive technology, and green energy, including renewables. During the past two decades, the entrepreneur has owned and served as the CEO of numerous highly successful businesses.

Outside of his work, he is passionate about several good causes and enjoys various hobbies and other interests. These interests include music, sports, travel, and food & wine. A frequent blood donor and business mentor, the happily married father of four is also a little league baseball and flag football coach and actively involved in his local community.

Current Role & Duties

Singal serves as the board chairman for a prestigious privately held previous real estate investment company, which has transitioned to a general holding company and advisory firm. It is a role that the senior finance architect has held for over five years. The company, headquartered in New York, brings liquidity access to among the world’s largest but least liquid asset classes. The firm operates in the public real estate arena.

The respected chairman and Suneet Singal’s team support clients in identifying assets and prospective partners willing to transact in exchange for equities. They have a proven track record of success, completing roughly $1 billion of real estate acquisitions. The chairman of the board and his team’s duties include:

  • Investing in stabilized assets to preserve dividends
  • Identifying and acquiring underperforming and distressed assets
  • Creating opportunities to secure significant future value
  • Developing land via a vertically integrated platform
  • Maximizing value creation for shareholders and investors
  • Evolving undeveloped land into valuable real estate
  • Unlocking and monetizing value in assets via public markets

Before assuming the role of chairman of the board, Singal was the firm’s CEO for over four years.

Career History

Singal is the former chairman of a successful equity real estate investment trust. Further roles previously held by him include CEO of a Nasdaq-traded real estate operating firm and acting CEO of a widely regarded business development company.

Elsewhere, the California-based entrepreneur and senior finance architect have held multiple other C-level roles. That is in addition to board positions within various public and private companies. He has also operated independently, successfully building and selling private businesses and other assets in varying markets.

Academic History

Suneet Singal grew up in Santa Clara, California. He attended the prestigious Jesuit High School in Sacramento, studied industrial engineering at California Polytechnic State University, and graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a degree in Finance.

Also known as Sac State, the famous Golden State school is a higher education institution celebrating diversity and fostering lifelong prosperity for its graduates. It is from Sac State that Singal holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance with a concentration in investments.

While studying at California State University in Sacramento, he was closely involved with several student societies and activities. Among these activities and societies was the university’s Cultural Club. Singal created “A Taste of the World,” which showcased many different cultural organizations promoting diversity with activities ranging from historic food, dance, music, and art at Cal Poly and Sac St. These events were highly regarded and created traditions that remained for many years to come. The Cultural Club grants students of Sac State an invitation to gain a taste of the world through the eyes of international students and others from overseas.

Professional Experience & Skills

Suneet Singal manages highly complex sophisticated transactions and brings a vast skill set and a variety of solutions including but not limited to financial structuring, direct investment, equity, and debt placement, acquisition, disposition, Finance and structure negotiations, entity structure foreign and domestic, board and management formation and selection, advisory committee formation and selection, litigation management, partner buyouts; capital market exits foreign and domestic, debt restructures, debt and equity conversions and more. For much of his prior career, he focused squarely on real estate master plan development. That included commercial real estate, land entitlement, principal sponsorship, and transportation-oriented development.

Today his focus centers on a combination of real estate and non-real estate assets and business ventures, including those focused on green energy and, more specifically, renewable energy. His clients include family office operators and other significant asset portfolio holders. Singal advises these clients on capital structures, including complex domestic and foreign transactional arrangements.

Highlights from his career thus far include:

  • Turning a $250,000 asset into $175 million in less than four years
  • Establishing three separate publicly traded companies in under three years
  • The creation of multiple companies with several hundred employees each
  • Turning around distressed situations and generating positive shareholder growth
  • Further creation of hundreds of additional new jobs
  • Numerous high-profile asset success stories

In 2019, he oversaw a successful $350 million real estate acquisition. The deal further involved a $100 million stock distribution to shareholders. His peers widely endorse his skills in new business development, land acquisition, real estate, real estate development, and real estate economics.

Association Memberships

Suneet Singal has been a member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, the American Association of Private Lenders, and the International Council of Shopping Centers. The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts is a Washington, D.C.-based professional society.

It represents those operating in sectors controlling equity and mortgage real estate investment trusts. That is alongside real estate investment trusts traded on major stock exchanges plus public non-listed and private trusts.

Meanwhile, the American Association of Private Lenders is the nation’s leading industry membership organization of its kind. Headquartered in Dawsonville, Georgia, it serves those operating in the private real estate lending market. It is the defining organization for setting standards on behalf of private lenders and associated industry professionals in the United States.

Charitable Involvement

Singal is a keen philanthropist, supporting many charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Just some of these good causes include blood donation, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, economic empowerment, and human rights.

Suneet Singal has previously volunteered as a children’s flag football and baseball coach and continues to help youth in the local community. The established entrepreneur and senior finance architect held these coaching positions for three seasons each previously.

He remains a frequent blood donor and advocates for others to participate in this cause. Blood donors help patients across the board daily in the United States. These patients range from accident victims to those battling cancer and undergoing heart surgery and organ transplants.

Personal Interests

American-born Singal is of East Indian descent. His parents raised him in Santa Clara, California. Today, he splits his time between California and New York. Singal has numerous hobbies and interests outside his professional endeavors, including piano, boxing, dining out, international travel, professional sports, weightlifting, and wine tasting.

Moreover, he is firmly committed to raising his family alongside his wife. Singal is a proud father of four and is married to his high school sweetheart. He and his family reside in El Dorado Hills, California, in the iconic Sierra Nevada mountain range, famed for its rolling hills and rugged terrain.

Suneet Singal